Katara and Aang Avatar porn on a forest glade

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Avatar porn on a forest glade

After a long journey Katara and Aang decided to have some rest in the forest. Sat down on the grass, Aang was watching his travelling companion and suddenly he felt the desire! He looked at her young body, fit boobs and full lips and didn’t even notice how he began to fondle her. He slowly undressed her and stuck hard dick deep into her wet teeny pussy.
On this Avatar porn picture Aang is fucking Katara on a glade, increasing the speed little by little. Care for the continuation of this Avatar Last Airbender xxx story?

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Family Avatar porn from prince Zuko, Azula and their uncle Iroh

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Family Avatar porn

A few days ago fire lord Zuko found the Kamasutra. He was so interested and fascinated at the Indian philosophy that decided to appear before his love Mai as hero-lover. But he was no match for it, and Zuko decided to practice.
He chose his younger sister Azula as the most suitable candidate for this role, especially as last time has been attracted to her shaped young body and her red boots turn him on!
On these Avatar the Last Airbender porn pics prince Zuko tries one of the poses from the Kamasutra. Azula is lies on her back, lifted her butt up and put her knees behind her shoulders. Zuko stands with his back to his sister like an arch over her teeny pussy. And they are having sex exactly in this pose, when their uncle Iroh comes into the room. But he doesn’t interrupt their avatar xxx game, and, on the contrary, tries to help Zuko and Azula with a good and wise advice. And, at the same time, Iroh is getting pleasure, stuck his hard core dick into his niece’s mouth.
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Avatar the Last Airbender Sokka, Katara and Aang are together again in Avatar hentai

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Katara and Aang are together again in Avatar hentai

And again our three of friends together and is having a great Avatar sex on the roof! As you can see on this avatar xxx picture, everyone is enjoying the action on the purple blanket! Avatar the Last Airbender Katara is lying in lateral position and licking hard Aang naked dick, helping herself by the right hand. Avatar Aang is smiling in delight and squeezing her cherry nipples. Katara nude boobs are already plump due to his fondling.
Sokka doesn’t allow Katara to be bored too! He drives his sister into ecstasies, came to her from behind and stuck his dick into her wet young pussy and caressing Katara sexy butt.
What a wonderful nice day full of pleasure!
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Princess Yue in Avatar hentai porn double penetration action with Avatar Aang and Sokka

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Avatar hentai porn double penetration

Love fell upon Avatar the Last Airbender Sokka when he saw Princess Yue for the first time. He attempted to court Yue were first reciprocated, but Yue said she could not see him anymore, because she was already engaged to a young man named Hahn. A long time has passed from that event. Yue’s father told Sokka to protect his daughter. And he did not only take care about her, but even has devoted her to Avatar sex sacrament.
They had a lot of dates full of passion and sex. But this evening they decided to spend alone. But no! Aang invited himself to the party. And Sokka couldn’t turn down his best friend.
So, on this Avatar the Last Airbender hentai picture you can see three of them. And Princess Yue doesn’t mind. She is even enjoying the situation, lustfully licking her lips by her wet tongue. Aang naked is fucking Yue into her hot pussy and Sokka is moving his dick inside her thin butthole.
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Avatar hentai porn MMF action between Sokka, Katara and Aang

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Avatar hentai porn MMF actio

Moans of pleasure is heard in the room… Avatar the Last Airbender Sokka, Aang and Katara are spending their time together again. Naked Katara is lying on the floor on her back, lifted her slender legs up and comfortably lain her head on a soft pillow. Her sexy tongue is caressing Sokka ’s hard dick, while he is jerking in the kneeling position. Avatar the Last Airbender nude Katara is licking hot and it drives him into ecstasies. At the same time Aang is tenderly fucking the Avatar xxx beauty. Her sexy boobs are swaying, keeping time with Aang ’s movements.

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Avatar porn battle between Katara and Azula

May 25th, 2010 by admin

Avatar porn battle

Avatar The Last Airbender Katara and Azula are the worst enemies. And it is not surprising, because when Katara was young, people from Fire Tribe killed her mother. From that time the girl hates the whole Fire Nation, and, especially, Azula, who is the lively personification of its sadism, obsession and cruelty.
All Avatar xxx battles between Katara and Azula are violent and brutal. And these Avatar The Last Airbender hentai pictures abundantly evidence it.
Azula are using strap-on to conquer the enemy. She is keeping Katara nude body down the ground and furiously fucking her into her pussy. Katara is trying to break out from the iron grip, but it seems that this round will lose. Azula naked arms and legs that are grabbing Katara are like vise. And Katara hot pussy is beginning to yield to painful pleasure, refusing to listen to reason and streaming down her legs.
Avatar Azula is an expert at her trade!
Does Katara stand to win? You can get to know the answer on this question from these Avatar The Last Airbender porn pics.

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Prince Zuko is inflicting torture on Katara on these Avatar hentai porn pictures

May 18th, 2010 by admin

Avatar hentai porn pictures

Zuko and Mai were always together. But then something happened. Mai disappeared. Zuko couldn’t find her anywhere. And then Zuko understood that people from Southern Water Tribe abducted her. Zuko couldn’t even imagine his life without Mai and he decided to find out the truth and to avenge offence. He stole the last Waterbender sexy Katara and began his interrogation. Zuko wanted to get to know what they had done to his love and where they were hiding her. But Avatar The Last Airbender Katara was a strong girl and she didn’t plan to betray her people. Then Zuko decided to employ cruel Avatar xxx torture.
Prince Zuko tore all Katara ’s clothes off and hurled her down on the floor. Caught naked Katara by her hair and kept her head down, Zuko stripped himself naked. Then he moved Katara nude legs apart and stuck his huge hard dick into her hole. Katara didn’t lift up her voice, she just clenched her teeth. Then Zuko began to move his dick more furiously. “Come on, give it to me straight!” Prince Zuko was saying and was putting his pecker into Katara hot pussy and butthole by turn at full length, making her body writher with pain.
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Bisexual Avatar hentai porn action between Avatar The Last Airbender Sokka, Katara and Aang outdoor

May 17th, 2010 by admin

Bisexual Avatar hentai porn action

Climbed a mountain, where nobody can disturb them, Avatar Aang and Sokka decided to practice in their Avatar xxx lessons that they got from sexy Toph. And they decided to do it together with sexy Katara. Almost naked Katara, dressed in small strings only, kneeling under the hot sun, is giving head to Aang. She is sucking his dick confidently and passionately, caressing his cocks by her right hand at the same time. Katara hot tongue is doing such incredible things! But it seems that Avatar Aang and Sokka like their games much more.
Sokka is fucking his friend into his butt, putting his arms round Aang’s waist. Huge Sokka’s dick is moving back and forth along Aang’s butthole, and Aang is helping his friend, moving his buttocks apart by his hands. Aang is enjoying the action and a pleased smile appears at his face at that moment when he is looking at Sokka.
It is very likely that Toph Bei Fong was right and the boys really need nobody? Though, extra sweet mouth, lustfully sucking your dick, will never be useless ;)

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Avatar hentai sex lessons from sexy Toph Bei Fong

May 12th, 2010 by admin

Avatar hentai sex lessons

Tired from having sex with only sexy Katara, Avatar Aang and Sokka remembered about innocent Toph Bei Fong. She teached Aand Earthbending. “May be she could teach me some more interesting and exiting things?” Aang thought. And he was right! Avatar Toph didn’t let the boys down! She opened up to him such Avatar xxx sex possibilities that they couldn’t even imagine. Toph Bei Fong told Sokka and Aang that they could please each other without any girls. And today she taught them the first lesson.
While sexy Toph were riding Aang, who was comfortable lying on the sofa, making her wet pussy and his hard dick emit juice of pleasure, Aang was mastering the art of blowjob on his own. He gave an oral pleasure to his best friend Sokka, profusely moistening his dick and putting it into his mouth as deep as his untrained throat could allow. And Sokka was really enjoying this Avatar sex action, grasped Aang by his arm in a burst of passion and avidly bitten into Toph hot lips with an ardent kiss.

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Sokka, Katara and Aang in MMF action on our Avatar hentai pictures

May 11th, 2010 by admin

Avatar hentai pictures

Stayed alone, Sokka, Aang and Katara decided not to waste time. And they choose the most remarkable way of spending time – having sex.
Aang naked and wishful sat down on a sofa. Avatar Katara made herself comfortable on his right. She knelt down and began to caress Aang’s pecker. It was so thick and hard that could hardly went into her small graceful mouth. Therefore Katara was carefully sucking and gently licking the dick, jerking it by her arm along the full length. And Aang was smiling with pleasure, stroking her head. He was obviously enjoying the action and was watching with full approval how sexy Katara was doing her blowjob.
Then Sokka entered the room. He was already naked. Katara didn’t hear him. She got to know about his presence only at that moment, when Sokka stuck his huge dick into her supple butt. Nude Katara just turned her head to see who joined the action and then continued her blowjob, moaning with painful delight.

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